Of The Creaton

rose-flowers-82The doctrine which treats of the works of God is properly placed next in order after the doctrine concerning God, which is also the arrangement in the Creed. There are five general works of God:

1. The work of creation, of which we have an account in the book of Genesis, where we are informed that it was accomplished in six days.

2. The work of preservation, by which God sustains heaven and earth, and all things which He has created, so that they do not fall into ruin.

3. The work of government, whereby, through His great wisdom, He directs and governs all things in the world.

4. The work of restitution, by which He repairs, in Christ, all things which are subject to corruption, by reason of the sin of man.

5. The work of perfection, or completing, in which He brings all things to their appointed end — but especially does He deliver and glorify His church.  Zacharias Ursinus

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