What Is Faith? Part 2 (Dr. Ursinus)

Ursinus-13The subject of faith is important, first, “because it is the means by which we are made partakers of the Mediator;” and second, “because the preaching of the gospel profits nothing without faith.”

“Faith in general, of whatever kind mention is made in the Holy Scriptures, is an assent to, or a certain knowledge of what is revealed concerning God, His will, works and grace, in which we confide upon divine testimony.

Or, it is to yield assent to every word of God delivered to the church, in the law and gospel, on account of the declaration of God Himself.

Faith is, also, often taken for the doctrine of the church, or for those things of which the word of God informs us, and which are necessary to faith, as when it is called the Christian faith, the Apostolic faith.”

Dr. Zacharias Ursinus, Commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism, p. 108

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