God The Father And Creation

You say, “I believe in God.” What is the meaning of that little word “God?”

Answer: God is the highest good, the source of everything good. He gives us body and soul, life and everything else.

red-insect-09He is the Father, His only Son, and the Holy Spirit: one, eternal, spiritual being; prudent, truthful, good, pure, just, merciful, free, almighty.

He has revealed Himself to us through His Word as the one who out of nothing created heaven and earth and everything in them and preserves them.

He has also revealed Himself as the one who by His Word and grace has chosen and gathers to Himself a church or people. This people begins in this life to recognize, worship, and glorify this one true deity according to His Word and to flee and reject all worship that conceives of other gods, so that this true deity might receive our perfect praise into all eternity.

Caspar Olevanius, A Firm Foundation

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