God, The Almighty Father (Calvin)

CalvinWhen we mention by name the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, we do not have in mind three Gods, but rather the fact that the Scripture and the experience of being devoted to God show to us, in the single being of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This happens in such a way that we cannot even think of the Father without at the same time having in our minds the Son in whom His living image shines, and the Spirit in whom His power and strength appear.

Let us pause, then, and concentrate all the thought of our heart on one God only; however, let us always contemplate the Father with the Son and his Spirit.


These words do not only teach us to believe that God is, but rather to know that He is our God, and to take it as certain that we are numbered with those to whom He promises to be their God and whom He receives as His people.

All power is attributed to Him: He directs all things by His providence, rules over them by His will, and guides them by His strength and the power of His hand.

When God is called “creator of heaven and earth,” this means that He perpetually upholds, maintains and gives life to all which He once created.

John Calvin, Truth For All Time, pp. 36, 37

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