Why Is The Son Of God Called Jesus?

Question: Why is the Son of God called Jesus, that is, a Savior?

Answer: Because He saves us, and delivers us from our sins; and likewise because we ought not to seek, neither can find salvation in another.

images-13The second part of the Creed, which now follows, treats of the mediator. The doctrine of the mediator consists of two parts: the one has respect to the person of the mediator; the other to His office. These two articles are concerning His person; and in Jesus Christ His only begotten Son, our Lord, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary.

The four following articles which bring us down to the article of the Holy Spirit, treat of the office of the mediator. The office of the mediator consists of two parts: His humiliation or merit; and His glorification or efficacy. Now as it respects His humiliation, Christ is meritorious; as it respects His glorification, He is efficacious. The fourth article treats of His humiliation: Suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead and buried; He descended into hell. The fifth and sixth treat of His glorification: The third day He arose from the dead; ascended into heaven; sits at the right hand of God the Father Almighty. The seventh which refers to His coming to judge the world, respects the consummation of His glory, when God will be all in all.

It appears from what has now been said with what great wisdom the articles of the Creed were written, and how well they are arranged in reference to the question of the mediator. The humiliation which is the first part of His office, has these grades: He suffered, was crucified, dead, buried, and descended into hell. We descend gradually from one degree to another until we reach the lowest point of His humiliation, which is found in the article of His descent into hell. The other part of His office, which is His glorification, ascends gradually from the glory which is less to that which is greater until it reaches its highest point, in His exaltation at the right hand of God.

The same order and wisdom appear in the first part of the Creed, and also in the third where we have enumerated in the most beautiful order and succession, the benefits which Christ purchased purchased and applies unto us by the Holy Spirit, and which is, as it were, the fruit of the preceding articles. The office of Christ differs from His benefits as cause and effect, or as antecedent and consequent. The benefits are the things themselves which Christ has purchased for us, and which He bestows upon us, such as remission of sins, everlasting righteousness, and salvation. His office is the obtaining and bestowment of these things.

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