About Me

Another Door KnockerI am an evangelical activist with roots in the Jesus Movement of the late 1960′s. I’ve always enjoyed reading and have developed a passion for Church History (M.A. and PhD.) I’ve been a pastor of university students, a teacher in churches and schools, and a volunteer teacher overseas (India and Ethiopia).

I am the father of four grown children and the proud grandfather of four grandchildren.

Through the years, I’ve been looking for ways to use blogs, web pages and wikis to strengthen Christians around the world. As an historian, it’s as if I have discovered a whole city full of Christian libraries, archives, seminaries, sermon collections, journals, letters, books, articles and tracts. These documents record 500 years of Christian thought, preaching, teaching and practical Christian service. Much, if not most, of this wisdom is being lost in this generation.

It’s not that these precious resources are unknown or unavailable. Many have been scanned and published on-line. Many others have been re-printed. The problem is that the wisdom is not readily available to modern Christian folk. Who is likely to read a 700 page commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism, published in 1585? How many modern Christians are comfortable reading sermons or books in King James English?

And then there is the issue of attention span. Our fore-fathers were used to lengthy, multi-faceted logical arguments, while we communicate in texts and tweets. What to do?

The first thing that Faith Of Our Fathers is about, is reclaiming the wisdom from our past, translating it into simple English and presenting it in small pieces for reading and reflection.

Users can start wherever they wish and follow their interests. And everyone can add comments or ask questions. Eventually we will develop a great FAQ section and a powerful, practical knowledge base. If Faith Of Our Fathers does nothing else, it must do this.

Have a question? Got a comment? Write it here.

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