How Can I Find Stuff?

There are several ways to access data on this site.

First, you can click on any of the Recent Posts links in the sidebar. This will take you to the latest articles that I’ve published based on my research. This will be a bit like coming into a movie that’s already showing, but it works.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Or, you can click on the page links in the header menu, each of which includes many links to important articles on that subject. For example, the Apostles Creed page is a basic but very important introduction to the Heidelberg Catechism, the Apostles Creed (Olevianus) page is a medium level discussion from a pastor’s perspective, and the Apostles Creed (Dr. Ursinus) page is a high level discussion from a Seminary Professor’s perspective.

You can also use the Categories list or the Categories Cloud, to get lists of useful articles. For example, the Category: Providence (Olevianus) will list all of his articles on Providence, while Olevianus will list everything on the site by that author.

You should also note that the site software presents three “Related Articles” at the end of each post.

Finally, there is the Search feature. Just type in a word of interest like “creation” or “patience” and see what happens.

Enjoy your time here and may our LORD richly bless you.

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