Faith of Our Fathers

gate_roomWelcome. This is an interactive blog community focused on how the Reformers did disciple-making. It is also a place where we can sharpen our own understanding of Basic Christianity.

One way to get acquainted with our main teachers is to explore our Quick Hits page. There you will find brief notes on issues of interest. Watch for the three “Related Posts” links at the end of each article. These will provide clues for further reading.

Another way to see what’s being published on the site is to check out the How Can I Find Stuff? link.

Casper Olevianus voorkantOr, you can check the Categories links in the sidebar. For example, if you click Catechism (Olevianus) you will be directed to Why Do You Call God Father?

Again, if you check Categories for simply Olevianus, you will see a long list of articles including Patience in Persecution.


Calvin-1You can also check the Categories Cloud in the sidebar. There you will see that Faith is a popular category. If you check it you will get a long list of articles (some simple and others complex) including What True Faith Is and Faith Is A Gift of God.

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